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Ashworth Heathers


Wool naturally makes the finest carpets.

: Ashworth Heathers

Product Description

Pile Content 80% Wool, 20% Heat Set Synthetic
Width 4m, 5m
Tog Rating 2.02
Colours Feather, Vole, Ash, Shingle, Cognac, Dun, Orchid, Papillon, Sponge, Otter, Honeysuckle, Cumin, Straw, Aloe, Poppy

This exceptional carpet is made using a 2ply technique. Two ends of yarn specially created to create a spring like pile to provide superior quality, resilience and durability with the reassurance of no pile reversal. It is hard-wearing and easy to clean, and available in widths of 4m & 5m for flexibility when fitting.

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