Why Carpet?

Today, the option of which floor covering to choose is almost limitless. Below we have attempted to respond to the most frequently asked questions by consumers when making their choice.


Why choose a carpet?

A well made fitted carpet offers the luxury feel of a natural textile, attractive to look at and soft to the touch. A safe and friendly environment for adults and children, which is both slip resistant and comfortable to walk on. It maintains the warmth of your home in winter, whilst at the same time reducing unwanted noise around your house. As a flooring material, a modern carpet offers an unparalleled choice of fashionable colour and texture, and if treated sensibly will stay looking attractive and give you years of service.


Why choose a carpet from Manx Carpets?

Manx Carpets offers a wide range of pure wool, and wool rich carpets. Possessing natural soil resistance properties, nothing can match the luxury and feel of a wool rich carpet. We source only the best raw materials and fashion them into a variety of high quality carpets to suit all areas of the home, from lightweight bedroom use through to high density traffic areas such as hallways and stairs. Whichever Manx Carpet you choose, you can have the confidence that the experience gained in 30 years of carpet manufacturing will be used to make you a top quality product which will enhance your home for years to come.


Where should I buy my carpet?

Buying a carpet can be a rewarding and pleasurable experience providing that the right retailer is used. Manx Carpets are sold only through reputable independent high street retailers. By purchasing from a local independent retailer, you are purchasing from someone with a wealth of experience and knowledge, who has a stake in his local community and will oversee your installation from order through to completion. You will get the benefit of expert advice on the type and quality of carpet for your needs, and in many cases you will be getting that advice face to face from the owner, salesman, fitter and after sales provider.