Room by Room Guide

There is nothing like getting out of bed and your feet touching the warmth and comfort of carpet. The bedroom is the one room where one can be really indulgent – it is a very personal space. You can be unashamedly decadent; opulent; bold or sophisticated; uncompromisingly modernist; classic or futurist – the choice is yours! It is also in terms of wear, the room that will take the least so, frankly, you need not spend as much on a bedroom carpet as on a carpet for elsewhere in the home. For example, if your preferred carpet comes in 2 weight options, choose the lighter weight for the bedroom. You can also try a longer pile in this low traffic area – although probably not with young children.

It is often assumed that carpet is not suitable for a bathroom. This is not true. Ideally your choice of carpet here will be totally synthetic, including the backing, particularly in households with young children as there is the potential for the carpet to get soaked! Carpet should only be avoided if it is going to get drenched on a regular basis!

First impressions count and set the scene for the rest of your home. The hallway is a personal statement about the home and what is valued. It also takes a lot of through traffic so your carpet needs to be hardwearing and a wool mix is advisable. There is no reason, however, why it shouldn’t look just as exciting as the rest of your home.

For the Hall, Stairs and Landing you really need a Wool rich carpet that is at least Heavy Domestic and possibly Extra Heavy Domestic and probably one with an 80% wool content. Design and colour wise, here one has great scope to really ‘make an entrance’. Do consider an attractive stair runner. Using the same carpet for the hall, stairs and landing helps create a cohesive feel.

The living room, as the name suggests, is often the ‘hub’ of a household and so, here again, a hard wearing, practical carpet is best. Style wise, you have free rein to select from the full range on offer. Remember that, on a like for like basis, the difference between a twist pile and a velvet pile is purely aesthetic while a light coloured carpet will make the room feel bigger.

The dining room is invariably a room in which great pride is taken and a decorating centre. Here, the natural loop pile carpets that replicate the coir and sisal look are very ‘modern’ and chic.However, while practicality is important, the dining room is often used less than most so you can be indulgent!


Flooring for Children


Although there are very few flooring products specifically designed for children, there are nonetheless a number of products that are not only suitable for children in terms of durability, safety and cleanability, but that also offer designs, colours and textural characteristics which lend themselves to use in a childrens’ room or nursery.

If you’re looking for carpet, try looking at our Easy Living Collection which offers added peace of mind with a stain & wear warranty .

The Benefits of wool-rich carpet

How carpets look and function depends largely on the fibres they are made of. Wool is still recognised as the best fibre for use in carpet. It is used on its own in a pure 100% form or in blends with nylon and polypropylene to improve its wear properties.

A blend of at least 50% wool is recommended in a carpet. Manx Carpets are a member of both  The British Wool Marketing Board and Wools of New Zealand.

The advantages of wool are:

  • It is naturally flame retardant
  • Has a low propensity to soil and so has good appearance retention
  • Very good wear properties
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable fibre

A wool rich carpet gives unbeatable luxury, combining softness with durability. For discerning consumers and well known contract installations, a blend of at least 80% wool is the preferred choice. Wool rich carpets grace some of the most prestigious locations and homes in the world – and it is no wonder considering the benefits of wool rich carpet.


Tufted carpet

Tufted carpet is made by punching the pile yarn into a pre-formed woven primary backing fabric using needles and then applying a secondary backing fabric with latex. Put simply, a Tufting machine is like a very big sewing machine!

The advantages of Tufted carpet are:

  • It is a quick method of manufacture
  • Produces a range of pile textures and patterns
  • Suitable for all yarn types


Woven carpet

Resilience It wears very well
Appearance Retention It looks good for longer
Luxury It is naturally soft and warm and comfortable underfoot
Sound Impact sound is significantly reduced as it is absorbed
Insulation An excellent thermal insulator, heat loss through the floor is significantly reduced as is heat loss from one’s feet so improving energy efficiency
Indoor air quality Humidity and airborne toxins are absorbed so indoor air quality is greatly improved
Fire safety Naturally fire retardant, it does not support combustion
Safety Soft and forgiving, it has high slip resistance , cushions falls and reduces the potential for injury
Environmental properties It is a natural product, grown on sheep grazing in open countryside. It is also a sustainable raw material as well as being biodegradable. The production of wool fibre has a lower impact upon the environment than synthetic fibres used in carpet.
Flexibility Easy to dye, it produces high colour definition and lustre. It can also be blended with synthetic fibres to enhance durability.
Ease of maintenance Wool is naturally ‘soil hiding’ and so appears cleaner
Health Airborne dust is reduced and allergens trapped prior to removal by routine vacuum cleaning


Loop pile

Their neutral shades, textures and ethnic appearance give a warm, contemporary look to any room.these  replicate the look of natural flooring such as coir and sisal. A tip here is that cats and anything with long claws are not a good idea with loop pile carpet.Berber is a type of weave within the tufted carpet category, and not a fibre type. Berber carpet simply means that the fibers are a loop style. Berber can be made with various heights of loops or it can be mixed with cut loops of the same or different heights to make what is known as a ‘cut and loop .



Has a deep pile with a pronounced sensuous feel. Popular in bedrooms they do flatten so are not recommended in heavy traffic areas .


Of the synthetics, Polypropylene is less expensive than Nylon. Manx Easy Living Collection is stain-resistant and bleach-cleanable. Generally, most cold liquid stains will not stain . If a child drops a glass of Ribena, the stain should come out.

Polypropylene is highly stain resistant (very good in childrens’ rooms) and is used in very good value for money budget products or in a blend with wool. Why not have a look at Manx Carpets Easy Living Collection that comes with Stain & wear guarantees .

  • It is hard wearing
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean with very good colour fastness.

Pet – Polyester

Pet – Polyester is very popular in America slowing becoming more popular in the United Kingdom .Commonly used in saxonies which have a long deep pile it is also used in small quantities as a bonding agent in wool/synthetic blends to provide good tuft definition and reduce fibre shedding.

The advantages of Pet – Polyester are:

  • Light and bulky with good wear properties
  • It has a lustrous appearance
  • Good stain resistance
  • Good for the environment .


Nylon is commonly used primarily as a blend fibre with wool but sometimes on its own.Nylon, is a slightly more expensive fibre than polypropylene, and is likewise stain-resistant. For technical reasons however it is not bleach-cleanable. Despite having better abrasion and crush resistance than polypropylene, or even wool in some cases, nylon is a far softer fibre. When manufactured as a tufted carpet, it has a very plush velour feel and is often used in the construction of  ‘Saxony’ or ‘Velvet’ syle carpets. It is an extremely durable fibre and when constructed as a low-level loop-pile carpet, is the preferred choice for very high traffic areas in contract flooring situations. Like polypropylene it can melt when exposed to a direct heat / flame.

The advantages of nylon are:

  • It is extremely hard wearing
  • Easy to clean
  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • Excellent stain and soil resistance
  • Multiple colour choices

Manx Carpets recommend that new underlay is bought with every new carpet. The reasons for this are:

  • Underlay is vital for a new carpet to sit properly and wear evenly
  • It improves the feel of the carpet underfoot and helps with that ‘luxury’ feel
  • It increases heat and sound insulation and can reduce energy costs
  • It reduces pile compression and so enables a carpet to retain its appearance for longer
  • Noise insulation. Acoustics are considerably improved with carpet and underlay while impact noise is reduced

Remember that just as carpet may wear more in certain areas, so does the underlay. You wouldn’t buy a new car with old tyres! What is more, manufacturers may not accept a complaint if old underlay has been used or worse still, no underlay has been used at all.

Remember to buy new underlay with a new carpet!