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Welcome to Manx Carpets

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Thank you for visiting our website. If you are looking for ideas for a new carpet, wondering where to buy it or how to look after it, you have come to the right place.

Carpet can add so much style, warmth and comfort to your home. Choosing which carpet is best for you can often be a daunting decision when confronted with such a large array of carpet styles. Your carpet plays a major part in the total interior ‘look’ you’re trying to achieve. It should work with your decor, with your lifestyle and family situation. Most importantly you should love the choice you make.

Most people base their decisions around three key things – colour, texture and price.

Colour is largely responsible for creating the mood of a room – flooring is the second biggest area after your walls. Darker colours absorb light and can make a room appear smaller – ideal if you want to make a large room appear cosier. Light colours reflect the light and create a sense of spaciousness.

Texture is all about the feel of the carpet and is created be using different yarn types and different construction methods. There are three basic carpet construction types that are used to create a variety of different styles and textures.

Twist pile is a cut pile with yarn spun it give it a textured , springing surface . Twist pile carpet is easy to maintain & hard wearing, making it a family friendly choice – and it isn’t short on looks. It’s great for heavy traffic areas such as hall stairs and landings

Loop carpet consists of tufted loops that are uncut to give a highly textured finish. The carpet is extremely durable and maintains its appearance well. This type of carpet would not be advisable with pets.

Saxony carpets have a long pile and are soft underfoot giving a feeling of luxury. You will find a wide selection under the anti stain Easy Living collection which are easy to clean and feature our free stain & wear warranty.

Make sure you compare apples with apples when evaluating the cost of any flooring. Quality really does pay for itself. Our British wool products are all 80/20 twist piles manufactured 4m and 5m wide in a variety of qualities, price points and colours.

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  • The Wool Owner’s Warranty is a special after-care service for consumers who buy a wool or wool-rich carpet or rug from Manx Carpets. The warranty and maintenance programme combine to keep your carpet spotless and looking beautiful all the time.

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